Impact Platform

As part of Connected’s drive to take impact investing from niche to mainstream, we are building a platform of specialist impact managers to provide bespoke investment products for institutional investors. The platform combines expert capability with scalability.

A group of independent specialist managers

The Connected Impact Platform will be a group of independent specialist managers organised under the four headings: Tech for Good, Social Housing, Renewable Energy and Microfinance. These will be initiated in stages by Connected over the next 4 years. Having specialist managers within the group allows us to jointly develop and design products tailored for pension funds in each specialist discipline. Larger pension schemes often want the ability to invest directly in a specific asset class and not via a blended solution such as the impact fund. Having an in-house stable of impact managers will enable us to provide bespoke impact investment solutions.

Tech for Good

Social Housing


Renewable Energy

Organised under the Connected umbrella along the following lines



All specialist managers are 100% Connected subsidiaries.


B Corporations

All specialist managers are B Corporations.



All managers are capable of scaling to £1b AUM independently.


Centralised management

Connected will provide centralised compliance and management oversight.


Operational efficiency

Connected will provide centralised business operations, bringing in cost savings through economies of scale.

We provide access to sources of investment return that have previously been untapped by pension schemes

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