We believe impact investing is a genuine source of alpha, diversification, and a social premium

All of our investments have an intentional, measurable positive impact on one of these targeted impact goals, are scalable and provide portfolio diversification. We look for competitive financial returns in impact solutions, rather than looking for impact solutions in financial returns – we believe this approach is critical to preserve the impact integrity of our investments.

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Our Investment Philosophy


Impact and financial return can go hand in hand

Financial investments can be a force for good, providing a sustainable return while also helping to create a better world.


Sustainability risks are financially material

Risks such as climate change and social inequality affect the value of financial instruments, now and increasingly over the long term.


Impact investments provide diversification

Investable impact solutions provide sources of alternative alpha and are less correlated with traditional markets.


Understanding the nuances of impact investing is key

Using the right financial analysis tools alongside the right impact measurement frameworks helps to uncover investable opportunities that are scalable and fit for long term investment.


Impact must be intentional and measurable

For investments to change the world, positive outcomes must be identified and success measured to effectively deploy capital where impact is greatest.

Investment Approach

We invest for the long term, aligning our goals with those of pension savers and long term asset owners.
Our detailed due diligence process seeks to ensure impact and investment objectives are met and portfolio turnover is minimised.
Our investment approach and philosophy is transparent and clear. We help impact investments scale by providing stable sources of capital to address societal and environmental needs.

Holistic and multilayered approach

Connected takes a holistic and multilayered approach to due diligence. The operational integrity of a manager is fundamental to Connected’s potential interest in any underlying investment products. Equally, investment products must remain true-to-label from an impact and returns perspective. Investment principles much be maintained regardless of the macro or micro economic factors.

Pools of Capital

Connected’s fund of funds impact strategy provides access to new sources of investment return whilst addressing societal imbalances in areas that resonate with client values. We target four distinct pools of impact capital that address specific impact areas.

Social Housing

Renewable Energy

Tech for Good


Connecting impact-seeking capital with impact-driving opportunities

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