Renewable Energy

Investing in green energy infrastructure projects and companies working towards a sustainable future

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today. The goal of net zero carbon emissions adopted by many countries, including the UK, requires substantial investment in renewables over the next 30 years to change the energy mix away from carbon intensive sources. Reaching these goals will require clean energy projects and infrastructure across all sectors of the economy, with returns sufficient to attract private financing.   

Investments in renewable projects provide a steady income stream, often underpinned by long-term subsidies. Falling costs, diversified infrastructure portfolios and growing expertise reduce operational and financial risks.

Investment Case

Supporting decarbonisation of UK economy

Our investment Partner TRIG acquired equity interests in both Beatrice offshore wind farm, which is located off the north east coast of Scotland, and East Anglia One, which is located off the coast of Suffolk in the North Sea. 

Beatrice provides enough clean energy to power the equivalent of more than 450,000 homes, and East Anglia One provides enough clean energy to power the equivalent of more than 630,000 homes.

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