Tech for Good

Early stage investing in start-ups using technology as a force for good

Technology designed with the specific intention to drive positive impact has huge potential to address societal and environmental challenges. It enables rapid growth and take-up, global reach and affordability. It also enables network effects where the value and positive benefits can increase exponentially. Tech for good provides the essential early-stage capital for the most promising technological solutions and entrepreneurs.

Venture Capital is, by definition, higher risk but provides the opportunity for much higher returns not available in other asset classes. Financial risk is addressed through a broad diverse underlying portfolio.

Investment Case

Learn a language, change a life

Chatterbox created a service that enables highly qualified, but marginalised workers to find employment teaching their native languages. Over the years, Chatterbox has built a large talent pool of language coaches that critically plug the global language skills shortage, which is estimated to cost the UK economy 3.5% of GDP alone.

Since our subsidiary Bethnal Green Ventures (BGV) invested in 2016, they have created a world-class matching algorithm, leading to less churn, better engagement and improved learner retention.

A Better

Connecting impact-seeking capital with impact-driving opportunities

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