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Learn a language, change a life


Chatterbox sees a world where refugees are no longer marginalised and underemployed. One where this vastly untapped talent is transformed into the secret weapon of the most innovative organisations that are leading the way in how business will be conducted in the future – globally.

They envision a workforce empowered by the unbridled use of their talents, and the freedom to navigate the global economy with confidence and flair.

Chatterbox provides a platform for refugees to demonstrate their full potential, connecting their talent with demand from companies.

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Helping refugees relaunch their professional lives

According to UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, we are witnessing a changed reality where forced displacement is no longer a short-term or temporary phenomenon, with many having no prospects to ever return home safely. Once resettled, many people face huge challenges in getting a job, let alone a decent job.

Chatterbox created a service that enables highly qualified, but marginalised workers to find employment teaching their native languages. Their proposition also helps businesses transform their global outlook, contributing to improved social integrity and literacy for their employees.

Over the years, Chatterbox has built a large talent pool of language coaches that critically plug the global language skills shortage, which is estimated to cost the UK economy 3.5% of GDP alone.

Since our subsidiairy BGV invested in 2016, they have created a world-class matching algorithm, leading to less churn, better engagement and improved learner retention, helping marginalised individuals further their employment opportunities.

Mohammad Asi, Chatterbox coach: “I came to the UK in 2014 and faced many difficulties at the beginning as my experience and degree were not widely recognised and I had to build up a new life from nothing.

Chatterbox gave me the opportunity to relocate my experience in teaching and my knowledge in Arabic and that made me aware of the importance of teaching. After my good experience with Chatterbox, I was encouraged to continue in teaching Arabic and then decided to pursue my studies, enrolling in a TAFL PostDip at SOAS. Chatterbox supported me in my application and wrote a reference to the university and due to that SOAS offered me a discount in the admission fees.”

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