Social Housing

Investing in housing solution for vulnerable populations

Having a safe living environment is a fundamental human need. In the UK alone an estimated 90,000 new homes for social rent are required each year to meet demand, and yet only 5,000 are being built. Social housing provides shelter for the vulnerable and helps to tackle long-term problems such as crime and poverty by providing an opportunity for individuals to build productive lives. Targeted beneficiaries include the homeless, people with physical and learning disabilities, victims of domestic violence, and low income families.

Investments in social housing are underpinned by guaranteed central and local government rental support, providing secure and stable income generation for investors whilst gaining exposure to long term property price inflation.

Investment Case

Home is where the heart is

Cornmill House, a development of 16 homes in the heart of Seacroft, Leeds, is a community which provides its residents with a place to put down roots for the long-term and become homemakers in the truest sense. 

Opened by the Mayor in February 2017, the Specialised Supporting Housing development realised through £3.5 million of capital, represents dignity, independence and choice. 

Health &

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