We believe impact investing is a genuine source of alpha, diversification, and a social premium

All of our investments have an intentional, measurable positive impact on one of these targeted impact goals, are scalable and provide portfolio diversification. We look for competitive financial returns in impact solutions, rather than looking for impact solutions in financial returns – we believe this approach is critical to preserve the impact integrity of our investments.

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Our Investment Philosophy


Sustainability risks are financially material

Risks such as climate change and social inequality affect the value of financial instruments, now and increasingly over the long term.


Impact is the third dimension in investment decision making

Investments are considered through the traditional risk and return lens while focusing on the intentional impact outcomes.


Impact must be intentional and measurable

Targeted impact investments can provide competitive returns with positive outcomes, all within a robust and structured risk and performance framework.


Investing for the future creates better financial and impact outcomes

Investing for the future through long-term patient capital allows access to opportunities that cannot be captured in the short-term.


Deep specialist knowledge provides an investment advantage

Direct investments made with expert knowledge can deliver superior returns and positive long-term outcomes. 


True impact investments provide diversification

Alternative strategies and non-traditional asset classes can improve risk-adjusted returns.  They provide investors with alternative alpha and generate a social premium.

Investment Approach

Long Term Horizon

We invest for the long term, aligning our goals with those of  long term asset owners.

Extensive Due Diligence

Our detailed due diligence process seeks to ensure impact and investment objectives are met.


Our investment approach and philosophy is transparent and clear. We help impact investments scale by providing stable sources of capital to address societal and environmental needs.

Approach to impact

Connected believes that for an investment to be considered “impact”, it should generate a financial return alongside a positive, intentional and measurable social and environmental impact. Our impact assessment is embedded throughout the investment decision making chain together with more traditional investment approaches. Our impact measurement framework is based on the Impact Management Project’s (IMP) five dimensions of impact:


is the outcome that the investment is contributing to?


are the stakeholders that the investment is creating the outcome for?

How much

of the outcome is produced, how many stakeholders are affected, how for how long?


to the outcome by the underlying investment.


that the outcome is different than expected.

Connecting impact-seeking capital with impact-driving opportunities

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