We bring together impact and financial expertise to deliver bespoke investment strategies to our clients, assisting with asset selection, performance monitoring and reporting of impact investments. 

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As part of Connected’s drive to take impact investing from niche to mainstream, we are building a platform of specialist impact managers to provide bespoke investment products for investors. The platform combines expert capability with scalability.

Why invest in impact with Connected?

The adoption of responsible investment strategies is no longer optional and is being driven by targeted regulation and investor demand. Impact investing is a direct beneficiary of these dual drivers, and it continues to experience incredible growth as investors seek to align their financial targets with their long-term values and goals. Institutional investors such as pension funds can combine competitive returns while addressing global challenges including climate change, biodiversity loss, poverty, inequality and poor health.

Our investment solutions provide unique and scalable exposures to targeted impact goal with competitive long-term returns.

Benefits of the Connected Multi Impact Fund

Connecting impact-seeking capital with impact-driving opportunities

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